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My name is Brady Cremeens and I am a Theology major at Lincoln Christian University and a Communications major at The University of Illinois-Springfield. A life long sports fan, I love Duke Blue Devil basketball and hate that I love Cubs baseball. My passion in life is politics, in fact I hope to someday make a career in the political arena. I’m a firm believer in small and limited government, individual freedoms, and traditional American principles.  My political heroes are Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman.  My love for reading stemmed my love for writing, and I practice that task here as well as various news/opinion websites.  When not attending class, playing ball, or tweeting, you can find me in my truck listening to country music, or in front of the TV watching anything on ESPN.  I have, do, and always will believe that Boy Meets World is the greatest TV show ever created, thus this blog’s namesake.

This blog is for random stuff I like, think is important to share, or just want to write about; sports, movie reviews, politics, morality, etc. Enjoy!

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Hey Brady,

    My name is Todd Kaufmann I’m a Sr. Writer and Recruiting Lead for National Football Authority. I like how you write, would you be interested in coming on board and having your stuff read on a larger scale?

    I think you’ve got the talent to be a great addition to our team. We have writers from USA Today, ESPN Radio, Fox, CBS, and Fox Sports Radio.

    If you’re interested, hit me back and we’ll talk about the details.


    Todd Kaufmann

  2. source says:

    How come you dont have your web site viewable in wap format? cant see anything in my netbook.

  3. William Thomas says:


    I liked & agreed with most of what you wrote. Really can’t understand your listing of ‘Gangs of New York’ though. An awful film. I thought I would be offended by its ahistorical illogic but it was so drawn out I was just bored.

    I’ve seen the Berg quote before but I thought it was Burke so now I’m curious.

    Go Cubs!


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